The MCA Artist's Voice Series

Artists. Adam Cullen, Anne Kay and Jane Polkinghorne, Danie Mellor, Daniel von Sturmer, Hossein Valamanesh, Jackie Redgate, James Angus, Janet Laurence, Kingpins, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Mike Parr, Monika Behrens, Nicholas Mangan, Noel McKenna, Paddy Bedford, Robert Owen, Ruark Lewis, Tom Muller, TV Moore, Vernon Ah Kee, Yakultji Napangati

Organisation. MCA

Years: 2005, 2006

The Artist’s Voice Series was a program of filmed interviews with Australian artists in which they discussed their own individual approach and process of art making. The series was intended to function as an educational compendium to the artists represented in the MCA Collection and to the exhibitions shown in the MCA galleries. The Artist’s Voice Series was also formatted as a DVD to be sent out to secondary schools, forming some of the groundwork that has developed into the MCA’s vibrant education program now housed in the Nation Centre for Creative Learning.

A number of artists were interviewed for this series including: Hossein Valamanesh, Adam Cullen, Janet Laurence, Noel McKenna, Robert Owen, TV Moore, Monika Behrens, Danie Mellor, Yakultji Napangati, Tom Muller, Jackie Redgate, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Anne Kay and Jane Polkinghorne, Vernon Ah Kee, Nick Mangan, Ruark Lewis, Daniel von Sturmer, Kingpins, Paddy Bedford, Mike Parr and James Angus. Many of these video interviews can currently be viewed at the MCA in the Resource Room in the Level 2 Galleries.

The Keir Foundation is delighted to have supported this project.